Consortium DiafrikInvest


“With the family solidarity of migrants institutionalised by massive and sustained financial transfers, the time has come to mobilise productive investments and skills from Diasporas for the economic and human development of the countries of origin. The target is the partial capture of some $50 billion in global migrant savings to revitalise national economies which are structurally underfunded and do not create enough jobs. This is the meaning of the current "Diaspora round", which sees African public strategies and other private initiatives raising their levels of ambition and tweaking their devices!


At this point, it is worth remembering that the idea of investing in the country of origin is a well-established propensity among first generation migrants, whose transition to action coincides with the economic maturation phase. Productive investment for the benefit of the family is a form of accomplishment of the duty of mutual assistance, with, as a bonus, the unanimous social recognition of the community of origin. Thus, and according to this same pattern, many family micro-projects have emerged mainly in agriculture and trade, in the territories of origin of first-time migrants. Nonetheless, the "king" of diasporic investment, transgenerational by nature, is and remains real estate; a life project that responds to several personal logics: functional (pied-à-terre for holidays, retirement...), speculative (rental investments, added-value...) or patrimonial (transmission to children, anchoring of descendants...).”


Samir Bouzidi, Expert in Ethnomarketing


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