Marseille,  France 
From 4/12/2019 to 5/12/2019
Conference, Workshop / Seminar, BtoB / Exhibition / Fair

Created in 2017 in Aix-Marseille, the new Hub for emerging innovations between Europe and Africa, EMERGING Valley is the international summit that brings to Provence investors, startups and digital ecosystems from Africa and emerging countries who want to strengthen their international attractiveness, develop their business relationships and accelerate their impact on a global scale.


Real gateway between African and European Tech, EMERGING Valley is a unique gathering for:

  • Discover the new innovation territories emerging in the South;
  • Explore and invest in tomorrow's digital solutions by connecting with African technology champions;
  • Co-construct strategies for scaling up between Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe.


In 2019, EMERGING Valley is celebrating digital relationships between Europe and Africa through a strategic partnership with the European Commission that aims to bring together and build a link between the European Union's digital ecosystems and the African ones.


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