Individual and collective support to prepare entrepreneurs to raise funds


In order to guide financial flows towards increasing productive investment in Africa, several projects of local entrepreneurs and from the diaspora selected through the various calls for applications conducted by DiafrikInvest between 2017 and 2019, were evaluated on the basis of their ability to generate a positive local impact: job creation, skills and technology transfer, social benefits for the communities, etc.

Thus, 50 entrepreneurs benefiting from the DiafrikInvest acceleration program had the opportunity to benefit from collective support services during two Investment Academies. The first one brought together 25 startups, mostly from the diaspora living in Europe, while the second one will mobilise almost thirty Moroccan and Tunisian entrepreneurs as well as many Senegalese entrepreneurs and will be held on October 22, 2019 in Dakar.


By the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Diafrikinvest will once again provide individual support to several entrepreneurs to help them develop their fundraising strategy and prepare their financing file as well as the necessary documentation for their introduction to targeted investors.

25 entrepreneurs out of the 50 initially selected will be linked with European and African investors - diasporas included - in order to foster the creation of a co-investment dynamic around high value-added projects on the African continent, during two international meetings that will bring together investment funds, business angels, angel networks and key accounts, among others, in Morocco and Tunisia (January and March 2020, dates to be confirmed).



"Startups' access to financing in Africa is limited both by the lack of equity financing and by the inability of many entrepreneurs to understand investors' expectations and therefore to convince them. To face these challenges, ANIMA has launched initiatives to stimulate access to Business Angels and crowdfunding and we are proud to collaborate with them in the design and animation of an innovative Investment Readiness accelerator for entrepreneurs in Africa and the diaspora with collective coaching through the Investment Academy and individual "tailor-made" coaching for each entrepreneur."
Thameur Hemdane
Founder of CoFundy and Afrikwity



Finally, the most well-suited projects for this type of financing will be specifically supported in the implementation of a crowdfunding equity campaign, in order to promote them on a participatory financing platform targeting diaspora investors in particular.


This activity will feed into the reflections initiated by DiafrikInvest on the creation of an innovative financial vehicle, making it possible to mobilise the diaspora's savings in favour of productive investment, to encourage the development of countries of origin, but also to provide innovative answers to the problem of financing SMEs and start-ups in Africa, whose resources are known to be lacking when they start or scale up their projects.


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