Project activities

Meeting room DiafrikInvest

DiafrikInvest operates around 40 operations for local and diaspora entrepreneurs, business angels and national institutions of Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia during 3 years. The activities are planned on three main approaches:






- Strategic: Support the national institutions of the countries of origin in the development of new strategies for diasporasMeeting DiafrikInvest
- Identification of high potentials and diaspora entrepreneurs in Europe
- Consultation process between high potentials and national institutions on economic attractiveness policies and support mechanisms for entrepreneurship
- National coordination and new pro-diaspora strategies



Group DiafrikInvest- Strengthening the capacity of local and diaspora entrepreneurs
- DiasporaLab & DiasporaTech: pre support for entrepreneurs
- Individual coaching beforehand/afterhand of diaspora entrepreneurs
- Prospecting tours and business forum
- MasterClass for local entrepreneurs and mentoring by high potentials





- Connecting entrepreneurs and investors to facilitate productive investment through innovative instruments
- Promotion of projects in investment search (crowdfunding)
- Networking of business angels from the diaspora and investors from the countries of origin
- Investment Academy (to connect entrepreneurs and investors)


Target areas :
Europe, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia.